Friday, March 14, 2014

February's Project Life Pages

My sister informed me of how to use Dropbox with our kids' phones so I now see every single picture they take and don't have to tackle and pin them down to finally get pictures sent to me.

And while I do trust our kids immensely, let's not's a GREAT way to check out how the phone is being used.


Wednesday, March 12, 2014


A couple weekends ago Maddie took part in the Junior High production of "The Music Man". They have been rehearsing quite a bit since January. She played a town-person and was nervous the production wouldn't be great (they did miss five rehearsals due to canceled school...

However - it was GREAT! We really enjoyed the show. We attended the second night and watched it with my sister and her husband, my parents, plus our neighbors across the street; she had quite the cheering crew! This musical is one of Rob and Tracy's favorites and I was curious to see how they thought it would measure up. They both said they had a great time watching it (and I did catch my sister lip-syncing the words...)

Unfortunately this is about all we have in the way of photos...I was a numskull and forgot to bring my camera. I really wish that I hadn't, but to put a positive spin on things, then I can say I truly enjoyed every moment of it without having to think about which shots I should get.

Maddie had quite a bouquet of beautiful flowers by the time she got home (none of which, incidentally, came from us...second night's mistake!). We told her she needed to find something else to be involved with. This week she started as a track manager at the high school and she's quite excited about it.