Wednesday, January 21, 2015

It's Been Awhile

We don't really have a lot of "picture worthy" things going on right now and I thought I had done pretty good updating this blog regarding our kitchen just a short time ago.

Until I heard a few "strong hints" from my mom. Then I looked at my last post and realized it was about three months ago.  Eeeek...what can I say? Time flies...

So, while I'm still trying to catch up with finishing our 2014 Project Life book I thought I'd snap a few photos this morning of the updates to our kitchen since I last reported...three months ago...

We waffled a little on whether to tile the backsplash right away, or wait and build the budget a little more. "We" had a particular tile that we had instantly fallen in love with and couldn't wrap our minds around getting anything other than that. I think I had it picked out before the granite. I mean "we"...we had it picked out.

Anyway - we went ahead and just got it done because we were still in work mode and once out of it with a project of this size, it's hard to get back into.

It's actually a glass tile. We (really...both of us) like it because we feel like it doesn't compete with the pattern of the granite but is something we can mix and match colors with easily when we finally turn into our next life.

We love our new dining room table. I should have removed that front chair so you could see the trestle leg underneath. It's so pretty. The chairs are from Target and this picture in no way shows what color they actually are. Sort of teal...sort of green. It's a really hard color to match - evidenced by our lack of curtains anywhere in this room.

But, we love the space this table provides and the fact that there is no leaf or lines. Cleaning up is SO much nicer!

This is our new sitting area. We love the chairs and the ability to prop our legs up on the ottomans while we cook a meal or just want a little quiet and no t.v. time. Maddie thinks they are not comfortable enough to nap in. However, yesterday Mike took a nice siesta after lunch and seemed to have no problem. Maddie does love the furry white pillows and when I brought them home she grabbed them and informed us they were NOT being returned.

So it's all coming along. Our biggest hurdle right now is the microwave/oven combo. The microwave shorted about about one week into using it. We went through about 2 1/2 months of trying to get it fixed with Electrolux finally agreeing to replace the entire thing. Then they turned around and said that they actually had discontinued this model and it's replacement wasn't going into production until April.

We have since ordered a completely different brand but have learned that there is a parts shortage for ovens everywhere and no one can guarantee when their ovens will be delivered. We are keeping our fingers crossed for the end of January, but certainly aren't holding our breath.

Since I don't make new year's resolutions, I'm not even going to pretend that keeping up with this blog was one of them. However, it is on my radar that I've let it slide and will certainly try to do better.

Blame our kids. They grew up and became busy outside the home where I can't take as many cute pictures of them.