Tuesday, March 31, 2015

September Project Life - 2014!

Yikes! I'm was way behind on this project.

But did everyone catch the past tense in that sentence! That's right - 4 months into the new year and I have FINALLY finished and ordered my book from last year.

So, over the next couple days you will see our remaining months of pages for 2014. Then I hope to figure out what I'm doing for 2015.

And can I just say - I'm an idiot! I was rushing through trying to finish this project and realized I had to still go through and double-check for spelling/typing errors. Good thing! I realized on so many of my pages from last year (all the way through JUNE) I was still typing 2013 instead of the correct year of 2014. Then - because it was late tonight while I was working on this I had a moment of, "WAIT...it IS 2015 right now...right...last year was 2014...yes...okay...carry on." I really did have a little panic that I was even crazier than I thought.