Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Jake's Confirmation

Way back in May, Jake was confirmed at church. We were fortunate to have lots of family there to celebrate!

The Friday before Missy, Amanda and Aaron came up to spend the weekend with us. Saturday afternoon we headed downtown and walked around to see some of the sights. We stopped at The Union Rooftop bar and had some delicious appetizers to tide us over to dinner.

The second service at church was the actual confirmation service. Maddie, Jake and I had to be there for the first service (we were all taking part in it) so Mike drove with everyone else later and was able to set up some things before leaving.

Jake was confirmed with in a group of four. These are really nice kids and they get along well. It was fun to see them all together on their special day.

I liked this service because the kids also got to take part. The kids read some of the passages and during the "regular" part of the service. Then they were each asked to read their faith statement in place of the sermon. They did a great job.

Dan and Missy are Jake's godparents. It was nice that they could be here for this day as well. When it was each kid's turn to be confirmed, the family went up. Jake's godparents went up as well. Mike and I had written a blessing which we read after the pastor had given a blessing as well and Jake's chosen confirmation verse was read.

Afterward was the usual picture time. You can usually find these three sitting in the fireside room between services.

Jake gave a nice mention of Maddie during his faith statement. They really do get along and for that I'm super grateful!!

I think we all get along nicely, actually.

Then it was to our house for some soup and visiting.

Missy, Amanda and Aaron hung with us until Monday morning when it was back to reality for everyone. We really appreciated that so many people came out to celebrate with Jake and our family!

Friday, June 3, 2016

Blanket Baby

Our dog...she is a total blanket hoarder. If there is any scrap of fabric available - she will find it and make it her own.

She has a dog bed. 50% of the time she prefers to lay in it ONLY if it's upside down.

For Christmas 2012 she received a dog's horribly made and completely ugly. But it's all hers...

Especially if we are outside...this dog does NOT like lying in the grass. Frankly...if it's even a little too high she walks really funny too - almost like she's on her tiptoes paws...

She doesn't necessarily stop at blankets though...any pillow is great...

And, the more pillows/blankets the better. It's like "The Princess and the Pea"...

It doesn't stop at pillows even...laundry (read: dirty laundry) is a JOY for her to discover. She's actually growled when I've tried to get her off of it so I could at least try to make everything smell nice.

The last few months though she has taken everything to new heights. She has become a thief. Except she's terrible at it. If we are lying on the couch, and if there is even a little bit of an overhang of the blanket...she will start pulling it down - as you are laying under it!!

While Mike and I were downstairs one day I caught her in the act. No one was using this blanket at the time so I guess she felt permission wasn't necessary.

Before you watch this: I have NO idea how to edit a video since my computer upgraded itself to Windows 10 and got rid of the one video app I knew how to use. I also have zero desire to research how to do it at this time. This is 1 minute, 34 seconds (+/-) of your life you will not get back.