Thursday, May 26, 2016

Back to Ball

It's baseball season again. Jake is on one of the many Shakopee teams again this year. They've had a couple games, and one tournament so far.

So far this season, Jake's batting is better than it was last year. It must be that new bat that we had to purchase for this summer. Or it could be skill. I'm really not a very good judge of anything baseball.

He has two positions that he generally plays. Outfield (behind 3rd base) and catcher.

He's always liked catching. Last year he started to play more outfield as well since they had a couple catchers. I think he liked that a lot as well, but he does NOT like the bugs that come with it.

This past weekend he had his first tournament. He and another teammate were the catchers. Jake ended up catching during an inning that took them 45 MINUTES to get through for their half in the field. Mike and I were under an umbrella for shade...he was roasting. But, he did good and kept up his energy. The second game he ended up switching to catcher right before the inning that took them 30 minutes to get through. To say his legs were sore for a good two days is an understatement. He moved like an old man.

These are some of my favorite moments to watch...when they all go out to have a team meeting. I don't know what they discuss...I only ever think of the scene in "Bull Durham" where they discuss the "important" things... "We're dealing with a lot of s____!"

So the fields are where you will find us many evenings during the week. We'll hope for cool nights and dry weather!