Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dear Mother Nature...

Not. Funny.

My family was not happy yesterday.  My husband was exceedingly grumpy in the morning when he looked outside and saw that there was not only snow on the ground, but it was still coming down.  Then it snowed harder and longer than we expected.  If he hadn't been working, it might have driven him to drink.

I also admit - I wasn't thrilled.  I love snow.  I love winter.  I have learned to mentally allow and accept what you have to offer for winter until the Boy's State Hockey Tourneys; then you need to be done.

I checked.  The hockey tournaments ended March 12th.  Get out.

Two days ago I could not only see my grass, but also the pool cover.  In fact, I asked Mike if we should place bets as to when we would get our first swim.

I had even pondered sitting in this chair during spring break and cracking open a book.

Then you dumped this on us.

Our dog wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. It was cold yesterday. Was she supposed to play? Get out and get back in as quickly as possible? Why was this stuff back??

I'm also thinking of writing the meteorologists.  In December I can laugh it off when they predict one to two inches and we get eight.  On March 23rd when they predict one inch for our area and we get around three....Not. So. Funny.

I had to dig these out of the back of the cubby...

I had to put these back on.  While I absolutely love these boots, I was done wearing them for the season.

When I got back in from shoveling I collapsed.  Exhausted, I admitted to Mike that winter had won.  I didn't have it in me to shovel the third part of the driveway.  That was some ridiculously heavy stuff you dropped.

By this afternoon I was happy to see you were starting to sing my tune...

While I still can't see my grass, I accept your apology and your continuing effort to do that which is in the best interest of mankind.

In the meantime I have taken matters into my own hands to console our family...

I look forward to a spring-like spring break.


Dad said...

Way back in the old days when there wasn't any hockey tourament the last March snowstorm was always during the high school basketball touraments. Mother nature is just reminding you of the good old days

Sheri said...

Wow, a water splash shot and cookies all in one post. I'm in heaven!!