Friday, December 14, 2012

More Christmas Goodies

The weekend after Thanksgiving...what?  A little behind you say???....anyway, I was invited to a friend's house for her yearly tradition of making truffles.

My job was to prepare the mint flavored insides.  This was SURPRISINGLY easy.  What stunk about the process was rolling them into balls.  I pulled out my little cookie dough scooper and the mint chocolate I had prepared was so hard it broke my scooper.  Waah.  I later discovered that each flavor produces its own kind of problems - hard or soft - but that the mint was one of the harder ones to roll.

Anyway - after four hours, we had a TON of truffles.  I didn't take my camera along, unfortunately, but I will if I'm ever invited back!

I think I went home with about 40 truffles!  We had mint (green), butter cream (yellow), raspberry (red), caramel (brown), and Bailey's (white).

We took these to a Sunday dinner at my parents' house.  Reviews were mixed on favorites.  Mom and Ellie really liked raspberry.  My kids loved the mint.  I'm not a huge truffle fan, but those Bailey's ones...slurp.

What was ridiculous?  We ate these in about a week.  Not our finest moment of 2012.

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Stacey said...

Really, it took you a whole week?