Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boys Day/Girls Day

A couple weeks ago - cripes, it could have been a month ago by now, I've lost all track of time....

Anyway - back at the beginning of March Mike had to take a trip to Chicago.  He got back late on Friday night and we told the kids that we had planned a special "Boys/Girls Day" on Saturday.

Jake was excited to find out that he and Mike were heading to the Auto Show in Minneapolis.  Maddie was excited to find out that I had narrowed down the choices and was even giving her options of how she'd like to spend the day with me.

First up: the guys.  They headed out early to be there when it opened.  Jake had baseball that afternoon and they weren't going to be able to spend the entire day there.

I received this picture in a text early that morning.  Jake was pretty sure that I would totally love this car.  He's right; I probably wouldn't turn it down.

While the guys were looking at the mini-Cooper there was a guy whose job it was to keep it clean and handprint-free.  Jake was examining the car and said to Mike, "Hey look, Dad - there's a butterfly fin just like on the Bugati's."

Mike said the cleaning guy turned around and looked at Jake and then came over and pointed out a lot of other things about the car.  This was Mike's favorite car of the day.  It's a convertible.  Three guesses as to which kind of car we are dreaming of during retirement?

This was Jake's favorite car of the day.  Sporty, racing stripes, and a convertible.  I don't have any idea what kind it was and Jake isn't available for questioning right now.  I can tell you that at this point his favorite car is a Lamborghini.

Mike's brother owns a very old VW bug.  Jake thought they should take a picture of this car to show to Uncle Pat.

I'm noticing a pattern with all convertibles...

This was a special "Hot Wheels" Edition Camaro.  I thought this was pretty cool too.  Jake said I probably wouldn't have been too happy with most of the cars because he noticed they were automatics.  That seems wrong in a sports car, in my opinion.

I'm, personally, on an Audi kick myself.  I think they are mostly sharp looking cars and I imagine them to be very smooth running and have lots of fun buttons.  I liked the front of this one in pictures, but the back end was odd.  Jake knows I like Audis though and thought this was interesting.

There was also the classic section.  They even took a picture of the faux-wood paneled station wagon from maybe the '50s-'60s.  Very hot.  But, Jake loved the orange Corvette.

As for the girls?  Maddie decided on breakfast at Perkins followed by a morning at the Mall of America.  We went to the makeup store and had mini-makeovers and some instructions on how to apply things correctly.

Then we dined on Taco Bell followed up by Dairy Queen.  We walked around and looked/critiqued the prom dresses we saw.  Then we headed home.

Mike called us from the road and talked to Maddie.  I heard her giggling and saying, "Yeah!  That would be great - I'd love a Shamrock Shake."

That little turd...she'd left out the minor detail to Mike that less than an hour before she'd been eating a medium blizzard from DQ!

Next time we've decided to mix things up.  We are going to have a date day of son/mom and daughter/dad.  Mike agreed to it as long as he doesn't have to wear makeup.

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