Wednesday, May 7, 2014


I have had on my to-do list "Catch Up on Blog" for about the past three weeks. Clearly it isn't at the top of the list. I don't feel like we've really done anything that requires the world to be aware of - but at the same time we seem really busy every day and I don't know how we DON'T have stuff to report on.'s a list of what's been happening here:

1. We celebrated Easter...

We were up early and at church. We helped prepare the Easter Breakfast that the youth host. Maddie, Jake, and I scrambled a bunch of eggs. Maddie and I left for choir and Jake stayed to represent the Murphy's in the kitchen. Mike is currently the president of the congregation and he usually gets pulled aside for various things at church now so he was handling other things. My parents attended the first service with everyone and we all enjoyed a breakfast together afterwards. That's when we noticed that Jake and my dad had matching outfits. Aren't they cute??

Later that afternoon we went to my parents' house for dinner with everyone. My parents always have an egg hunt for the kids. They each had to find 10 eggs (each kid was assigned a specific color of egg so they'd know which was theirs). That meant they had hidden 80 eggs and didn't write anything down as to WHERE they hid them. Somehow only one egg was not found which I think is actually a pretty good percentage. 

My dad's birthday was only a couple days later so we also celebrated his big day while we were all there. He had "helpers" to cheer him on in gift opening and then we had cupcakes to celebrate afterward.

2. Going Wild...

Mike had the opportunity to attend a Wild playoff game with some friends from church. They ended up right beside the rink. He had a ton of fun and was only a little hoarse the next day.

3.  Music to my Ears...

My students' recital was held in early April. There were about 20 kids that participated and Jake was one of them. I loved his piece (Gardens in the Mist by Dennis Alexander) and he did a fantastic job! Here's the video Mike was able to capture:

Maddie was set to play one of my all-time favorite pieces. She couldn't participate in the recital because her arm was still in a sling from her surgery the week before. Now that her sling is off I've asked her to start practicing it again so I can record it at home. Hopefully that will be coming to a desktop near you soon.

In order not to bore you with too many words I'll continue the rest of this catch-all series later in the week.

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