Monday, June 9, 2014

They Just Needed a Little Push

We opened our pool about a month ago, but weren't able to swim until just a couple weeks ago. Maddie and Jake were excited to get the summer started and lined up together to jump in simultaneously.

This happens every year. It's like a tradition. They hold hands...count to three...

Then stand there.

Then they do it again.

This is SUCH a tradition that I knew I didn't even need to worry about taking pictures on the first "jump".

But, I did have my eye on Mike who was walking behind them. Knowing him so well (and knowing what my own dad did to us...and what I would have done...) I had my camera ready and my mouth shut and just waited...

It's moments like these that we walk away thinking, "Parenting is AWESOME!"

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The Pats said...

It's hard to believe these two are the same cuties in your profile picture. I thought Mike was going to jump in behind them - something Grandpa Dan might do.