Monday, September 29, 2014

Looking Different Around Here

Not just our kitchen is changing!

Last week Maddie got her top braces off! She has been looking forward to this office visit for five weeks! We showed up very early (thanks to dropping Jake off at school early) and took a before shot:

After she was pretty smiley but grabbed a quick selfie for me before heading into school:

She said no one except her two closest friends noticed that her teeth looked any different. She did go to choir the next night and the lady that sits right next to her said, "You got your braces removed!" Maddie was thrilled she noticed - of course, this lady is also a hygienist and works in an orthodontist office...she tends to notice teeth, she said.

Jake didn't want to be left behind in new style. He went to his eye doctor appointment and for the first time in two years, his prescription changed - in fact it doubled! Needless to say, he needed some new glasses so he and Mike went shopping that night. When I finished teaching I asked what his new lenses looked like and he said, "Red". For a millisecond I envisioned my son turning into Elton John - I mean the kid doesn't shy away from color! But then he followed that up with, "Red, on the inside."

Whew. They are very similar to what he had previously (which are frames he loved...). He will be getting fitted for contacts in a couple weeks, which I'm sure he's thrilled about. He really loved wearing his contacts last year and I would imagine the same will go for this year!

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