Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Night on the Town

As part of my birthday present from October, Mike and the kids got us tickets to the musical, "The Gentlemen's Guide to Love and Murder". I absolutely LOVE to go to musicals so this is such a treat when it comes around!!!

A few weeks back was our family date night. Mike made us reservations at "Seven" in downtown Minneapolis. He's a big fan of their food and I think is always looking for a reason to head there.

The kids tried the California rolls and, as Maddie said, "I'm really open to anything tonight." Except steak...we are convinced this girl will turn vegetarian as soon as she leaves this house. But - they both liked the "sushi" a lot and Jake LOVED it. There is hope for their taste buds!

When we were seated at our table I was THRILLED to find out we were immediately next to the giant fireplace they had. Maddie and I got place of honor only feet away and were so warm and toasty all through dinner.

Too bad you can't actually see the fireplace. But trust me - it was giant and warm!

I love these nights in that we all get dressed up. Jake sported his new tie Grandma made for Christmas.

If you get a chance to see this musical, we all highly recommend it. We were laughing constantly and the cast was great.

It was a late night after, but we pushed the envelope and stayed downtown for one final treat - cheesecake at The Capital Grille. We actually got two pieces and the kids wolfed down theirs after the initial bit. Mike and I savored every bite!

So while these pictures aren't the greatest it was such a fun night spent doing something together we all enjoy. I'm trying to figure out how to work in the rest of the productions I think we should see this year!

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