Thursday, June 16, 2011

Graduation Day

A couple Sundays back we were in Iowa for our nephew, Steven's, graduation.

It's official - he's a graduate...

Can I just say how disappointed I am that they didn't throw their caps in the air.  Don't they do that anymore? sad.

It took us forever to locate Steven after the graduation.  We knew he didn't have a ride home since he came with his family.  We didn't realize he wouldn't be by the car though until we walked all the way out there only to have Samantha remember that Steven wasn't actually with them when they parked.

Several trips around the perimeter later, everyone was together again.

Afterward it was back home to Grandma Murphy's house for some last pictures and a dinner together to celebrate.

Mike is "the Godfather".  (He looks too happy to play such a serious role.)

And the graduate with his proud grandma...

Steven starts college in August where he's working towards an automotive degree.  His dad is normally our "go-to-car-guy" so I'm sure Pat will be thrilled that we won't be bothering him for all the answers now!

Congrats, Steven!

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Missy said...

Thank you so much for taking pictures of our sons Graduation. And also thank you for coming down. Love the Family picture.