Thursday, June 2, 2011

The End

One more school year draws to a close today. 

Both kids have party days and "needed" a snack or pop or both.  Maddie went all out for the last day of school and actually forgot her can of pop.  She called about 30 minutes into her start of the day and asked if I could bring one to her before their pizza party.  Normally we don't even have pop in our house so I'm sure she wasn't going to let this opportunity slip by if at all possible.  So, on the last day of school, 2011, I had to drop something off at school.  Going out with a bang.

Yesterday was a busy day for both.  Maddie had a recognition program at school.  She received an award for her grades as well as a Citizenship award.  She was pretty excited to get both.

Two hours later we were at Jake's school for his Talent Show.  His whole class did a hand-clapping sequence which was pretty cool.

Jake was also selected to play the piano.  He played "Railroad Boogie" which is basically "I've been working on the Railroad" set to a boogie style.  Kinda fun!

Back story:  He had to audition for it.  He was all set to play his recital piece for the audition and when he sat down to practice ONE HOUR before the audition he decided he wanted to play this (which was his original choice for the recital and it was NOT ready for public performance that night).  For the recital he REALLY wanted to play the boogie and his Fiesta piece but his monster of a piano teacher I wouldn't let him play two fast pieces.  This resulted in tears and sobs and he started practicing this railroad song to play for the audition.  At 5:15pm (his audition was 5:35) we had this conversation:

Jake: "Mom!  Can't you help me!" 
Kerry: [calmly] "What exactly would you like me to do?
Jake: "Help me fix this!" 
Kerry:  "We are leaving in 5 minutes.  I'm not a miracle worker."
Jake:  "Just tell me what to do!!"
Kerry:  "Fine.  Calm down.  That's my advice.  You need to calm down and you'll play it fine."
Jake:  "No....that's not the problem..."

I called it quits at that and told him to pack up to leave.  He auditioned with the railroad song.  Walking out he said, "You know, mom, that actually was pretty good advice.  I think I just needed to calm down."  When we got home I told Mike there was no way he was going to make it.  He did okay, but I knew he could have played it better if he'd practiced all along like I'd suggested instead of just 45 minutes beforehand and between sobs. 

Wrong-bongo.  It was like a Disney ending on a Grimm's Fairy Tale.  He got in.  He was excited.  I was happy for him, but I told my dad I also wasn't.  That's not how this "life lesson" was supposed to turn out.  But, he practiced much more consistently before the actual Talent Show and he did a great job on his piece. 

Anyway - today is about the parties I guess and in a couple hours they are home for the summer.  Ready or not, here it comes!

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Sheri said...

Wow, when I look at the pictures in this post, and then compare them to the pictures of the kids in the post below it, I can't get over how they have changed. Maddie will be dating before you know it! Wow!!