Monday, January 16, 2012

He's a Talker

I've read a few parenting articles in the past that suggest the best time to talk with your kids is while you are in the car driving them places.  It's quiet, there's hardly any interruptions and basically, they are trapped.  Each time I've read this, I've thought it doesn't seem very personal.  I can't even look at them while talking to them.  It's a moot point anyway...when it's just me and Jake I can't get a word in edge-wise.

That boy can talk.

Take tonight.  We drove to the high school to pick up Maddie from volleyball at 8:50pm.  Right out of the gate he's expounding upon the benefits of the current pajama pants he's wearing followed by his three favorite pajama pants and why.  And I don't mean he lightly touches on the subject.  Full out detail.  The kind of detail his teacher begs for in writing, but apparently he can only go into verbally.

Pajamas segued into math.
Long division arrived at hockey.
Hockey was followed by basketball and kickball.
Kickball (and it's complete 12- month Phy Ed history) transitioned to running.
His passion of running brought us to the "rowboat" machine at the Y and his current regimen of elliptical/rowboat workouts.
The rowboat will allow him to work up his push-ups to 10...then 15...then 20 even!

I heard about his magnificent shoes and how they dig into the ground to run faster, then how they attach to the rowboat to help build his leg muscles.  This involved him swinging his leg up on the middle console in the car to show me what he was referring to.

Me:  "Wow."

Silence was over and he went on again. Then Maddie arrived and he took a breath.

And then he started in again all the way home.  A block from home he said, "I am just NOT tired.  This is bad. But I'm seriously not tired."

It's almost hard to believe.  Between the energy expelled to keep up that one-sided banter and the amount of oxygen he was deprived from never inhaling, I'm surprised he hasn't passed out.


grandpa said...

The other night Jake was in the car with us and when he got out we came to the same conclusion.

Carol said...

Wow, we were just having a conversation about what a talker Jake had become. We loved it!