Monday, January 2, 2012

A Special Gift

Earlier this fall my mom enlisted my help to get a book that she had written printed.  She has been working on it for awhile and wanted to give it to Maddie for Christmas since Maddie likes to read so much.  My mom's book centered around her playhouse when she was growing up and included tons of stories from her younger years with her brothers.

I loved reading about so many fun stories from when she grew up.  These types of stories were what I looked most forward to when we got together with my grandparents, uncles and their families.  My mom and her brothers did some crazy things that my parents would NEVER have let us get away with.

Anyway - I told my mom that I really wanted a copy.  I really tried to drive the point home that I was one of her children - I feel I'm constantly having to remind my parents of our place in the hierarchy since grandchildren came on the scene - and that I would like to have something that represented that history.  Mom was pretty certain my siblings wouldn't be interested.

Tracy happened to be at my mom's on the same day I was there to help her find a website she could go through to print this book.  When asked if Tracy would like a book, she said she would.  (I, consequently, was absolutely no help at all in finding a website or helping my mom get it sent in.)

Christmas morning there was a box for each family and we were given this:

Pretty cool to see everything in print!

What a fun book to have in our collection!  I've already put in a request that we get a new volume each year!  Maybe dad could start writing too (hint, hint!)

Thanks, mom!

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Sheri said...

What an awesome treasure! I could see your mom and her brothers having some pretty good times. ;)