Friday, July 20, 2012


Over Mother's Day weekend I planted 25 perennials in our backyard.  We've had some flowers bloom and I think when they are full grown in a couple of years they will look great.  I've also figured out that a couple plants should be relocated next summer due to height and color.  I'm hoping to buy more plants next year - I'd love to see all kinds of "easy" flowers along our fence!

Our Hibiscus plants have grown pretty strong over the last few months.  I didn't think we'd see any blooms this year, but this past week things started popping!

I'm in love!  I was pretty excited about the Peonies we had open up early in the summer and know that the next few years will bring tons more blooms.  But, these flowers are GIANT and so red!  I absolutely love their color.  We are all shocked by how big they are!  There will also be a ton of them - all those big green bulbs behind them are flowers waiting to pop!

Maddie commented that they looked like they could eat you.  They do look a little menacing up close - but I think that's mostly the green bulbs behind them.  They remind me of the Venus Fly Traps.

The woman that helped me choose these commented several times how beautiful this color was going to be and she was right.  Red is my favorite color and these are a great red!  White Phlox are blooming fairly close to it and I can't wait until everything is bigger next year!

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