Sunday, July 15, 2012

Official Teen!

Last week Maddie officially entered teen-dom!  As she has mentioned numerous times: only two more years until she drives! (She's counting 15 since she can get her permit then.)

Unfortunately her birthday fell on a Tuesday.  Mike and I couldn't take off work, and we had signed her up for volleyball camp that whole week.  (She was NOT happy with us; she had intended to do nothing on her special day.)  That night, Jake had a baseball game so we knew dinner out wasn't going to be in the cards either.

With all of that, we told her she could pick a different day to celebrate and we'd try to do whatever she wanted for the day.  She chose last Saturday as her "Birthday 2012" day.

At 9am we were all down in the basement eating donuts and watching Netflix for "America's Funniest Home Videos" in our pajamas.  After two shows she decided we'd head upstairs and open presents.  She didn't want to wait until her real birthday.

Maddie had given us her list - the day before this celebration.  Mike and I had other plans though and spent the afternoon perusing the mall for a special necklace.  We wanted something that could be her first "real" jewelry and that would commemorate a big milestone, but would be something she could still wear in 20 years.  No pressure.

I have to say, Mike takes his jewelry shopping pretty seriously.  He generally knows exactly what style he's looking for.  He was pretty excited to give Maddie this necklace.

Her other present was an apron for her baking.  She's in the kitchen a lot lately and loves to bake.  When we bake together she's without an apron because I still have seniority and get to wear mine.  Her apron is a lot more festive and colorful.  She used it last week and reported it worked great!

After breakfast we picked up a little lunch of sandwiches and headed to the lake to spend the day on my parents' pontoon.  Maddie had wanted to have a picnic on the boat and lots of tubing time.  I bet we were out there for over four hours!  The weather was perfect, the lake was 84 degrees and we had a ton of fun!

I don't have any pictures.  I just wanted to enjoy the day as a family and sometimes toting along a camera just isn't "fun".

For dinner, we had my parents and aunt (visiting from Indiana) over.  Maddie's choice of cuisine was her favorite: Fettuccine Shrimp Alfredo.  *slurp*

Dessert was her favorite: Dairy Queen Cake.  This year it was Mint Oreo.  I thought it looked horrible, but it must have tasted great.  We had two pieces left that Maddie and Jake were able to enjoy the next night.

On her real birthday after the trauma of three hours of volleyball we picked her up and took her to lunch at El Loro where she got to eat the chimichanga she loves!  She went horseback riding with my dad that afternoon which was actually her birthday present from last year.

Hopefully she had a good couple of days.  She's a pretty special girl and we are so proud of the young lady she has become.  This weekend she'll be having a "Summer Splash" party with some girlfriends.  Then we can officially clear "Celebrating Teen Status" off the books!

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