Thursday, October 18, 2012

Silent Auction

Yesterday Jake and I were making applesauce and Mike came home from a meeting.  Jake asked how his lunch went and there was no answer.  I thought I heard Jake say, "I guess we're getting the silent auction."

Mike came back a few minutes later and I asked how his afternoon had gone.  Again...Mike walked away without an answer.  I distinctly heard Jake say, "Dad is DEFINITELY giving us the silent auction."

That's when I realized what he was trying to say.  I told him the term was "Silent Treatment".  Dad was giving us the silent treatment.  Then I explained what a silent auction was and the light dawned in Jake's eyes.

And Mike wasn't giving us the silent treatment.  I think he was trying to get some things into the house quickly and get back downstairs in time for another meeting and just plain wasn't paying any attention to us.

At least we are giving him the benefit of the doubt on that one...

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