Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Griddle Master

Pancakes are one of our "go-to" meals.  For those certain nights of the week that we have very little time to prepare a full meal, pancakes are fast, easy, and we are all happy to eat them.

The only down side is that Mike or I are usually preparing them.  The cook rarely gets to actually eat with the rest of the family.

The last couple times of pancakes, Jake has really wanted to make the pancakes.  A few weeks back he and Mike worked together to learn how to ladle the batter without spilling it everywhere.  Jake also learned how to tell when pancakes need to be flipped.

Last week Jake was insistent that he could handle it all himself.  He started out with "dollar" pancakes and each batch got a little bigger until he had worked himself up to a "normal" sized pancake.

So now Mike and I get to eat, but Jake doesn't.  This is still not the perfect system.  However, Jake's favorite part is yelling (literally yelling to us who are five feet away...) "SOUS CHEF!  I NEED THE PLATE!"  Then one of us is expected to bring the plate over to be reloaded with fresh pancakes.  We think the power may go to his head soon.

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