Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Tonight's Sudden Conversation

Tonight we dropped Maddie off at church for confirmation class and Mike, Jake and I headed to dinner.  About 10 seconds into the ride this is the conversation completely out of the blue:

Jake:  What's a one-night stand?


Mike:  Kerry?

Kerry:  Uhhh...where did you hear that?
Jake: I'm reading these cool facts on my iPod.  "40% of all Americans will have a one-night stand."

[Driving must have gotten intense because Mike was super focused on the road at this point.]

Kerry:'s where a guy and girl who may or may not really know each other...sleep together...asinhavesex...and then probably never see each other again.  It's really not cool.

Jake:  Oh...yeah, doesn't sound cool.  SO...Armadillos....

And like father, like son, Jake was pretty fast to change the subject as well.  But we did learn that somehow or other Armadillos get leprosy.

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