Friday, January 25, 2013

Ice Cream Stop

When we are in Iowa, we ALWAYS make sure to hit the local ice cream parlor that Mike worked at through high school: Whitey's Ice Cream.  During our Christmas stay in December we were so busy that I wasn't sure we were going to get a chance to stop in.  On our drive out of town, Mike looked at me with raised eyebrows, "Do we stop?"  It was 10:10am.  Whitey's had been open for 10 minutes.  We decided 10:10am was as good a time as any to have a lunch break.

Inside we were able to meet up with Mike's former boss.  She pretty much runs the show and because not many people were there at 10:10am, we were able to talk a little longer.  She's been with Whitey's for, I believe, 30+ years.  She's always so friendly and I just love that she recognizes us and takes a minute to catch up each time we see her.  (Our kids stopped by without Mike one time and she even recognized them without him along!).

After all these years I was able to snap a picture of Mike and her together...

We grabbed our large shakes and malts and hit the road after this.  Have ice cream, will travel!


Carol said...

I'm pretty sure it would have been a loooooonnnnnnnng ride home if you hadn't stopped for ice cream.

Sheri said...

She is adorable. And I completely agree with your Mom, it would have been a LONG ride home without an ice cream stop! I am really enjoying your weekly round up updates. So fun to get to see a piece of of your life each week. <3