Monday, January 7, 2013

OUR Christmas(es)

Our own Christmas started early this year.  We really debated over when to celebrate our own family Christmas and asked the kids what their votes would be (though reminding them it wasn't a democracy...).  In the end we decided to have an early Christmas at home.  The Saturday before Christmas was deemed the unofficial "25th" in our household.  The beauty of it was that since it wasn't a traditional holiday, all the stores were open and Mike was able to get us donuts as a special treat!

After breakfast we headed downstairs to open a few gifts.  Each kid receives five presents and we had decided to have them open three of them, saving two to open on Christmas day in Iowa (per their request...we aren't totally dictatorial).

Be forewarned: we aren't the family that buys super cute matching pajamas so our pictures look good on Christmas morning.  We aren't even the family that brushes our hair before gift opening so some of these aren't pretty....

Sadie was up first in hopes that she would be kept occupied with her "surprise" gift while the rest of us were opening ours.

Jake had wanted a pair of headphones for quite awhile.  He had taken no great pains to remind us constantly of how much he wanted a pair.  While we couldn't/wouldn't gift him with the $200 beats by Dr. Dre pair he thought would work, he seems pretty happy with the pair he received.

We had the kids open their second gift at the same time since they were getting the same thing.

The bow tradition was upheld - even amidst those less enthusiastic than others..

They opened their first box only to find a smaller box wrapped inside.  I had completely forgotten we'd done this (happy 11pm wrapping!) so it was a fun little surprise for everyone.

Both kids received a tablet for their big presents.  Maddie had told us she KNEW she was getting one of these.  Admittedly - we weren't exactly super stealth on some of the research here, but no complaints from the peanut gallery!

At this point, Christmas slowed way down for us.  Everyone wanted to see how these things worked.  Such a geeky family.

 After a bit Mike and I were allowed to open gifts again.

Mike has really enjoyed learning about new wines over the last year and had recently been on a work trip and had raved over a new wine he'd tried.  It made his Christmas list and he was SO excited to get a bottle for Christmas.  I thought it would be saved for a special occasion.  It was: that night's steak dinner.

I got some goodies too!  At the top of my list had been a new purse, but inside was a surprise: a reusable bag that I had been eyeing at the Container Store for months!

I love that it scrunches up into a ball - fits so easily in my purse and works SO AWESOME.  Mike promised me he'd buy another for me sometime because he said, "I know you'll never buy yourself one."  I've already used it multiple times at Target and am ridiculously giddy when I pull it out.

The rest of the day was spent lounging around, studying manuals and books and websites.  Did I mention we are geeks?

Well...most of us...

Christmas #2 for us was in Iowa at the hotel.  Jake was super excited that there was a workout room so on Christmas morning he, Mike and I headed down for a "workout".  Maddie thought we were all insane.  Jake and Mike actually did things while I spotted for Jake's weight training while watching HGTV.  Afterward we headed to breakfast and to the room where the kids opened two small gifts.

Jake was only too excited when he found out the hotel offered free tea in the lobby area.  He had a cup in hand every chance he got.

Gift opening was pretty simple, but nice for them to have something to celebrate the day...

The rest of the morning was spent watching a movie and knitting until meeting up with our family.

Christmas #3 was back at home where stockings awaited us.  No pictures exist from here because, quite frankly - I was kind of Christmas-ed out at this point.  I think we all were.

So...that ends the holidays - at least the national ones - for around these parts.  We had a  many lovely Christmases alone and together with family.  We are very blessed!

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