Friday, March 8, 2013

Saturday Morning Photo Shoot

Last Saturday Tracy called me to let me know that the fields on the way to the "Y" were super sparkly.  She thought it might make interesting photos, but didn't know if I did that kind of photography.

Honestly, I don't.  I just never really seem to catch landscape stuff very well.  But, I thought it sounded like an interesting challenge.  Mike was game enough to be the driver and sit in the warm car.

I missed the sun angle Tracy saw but I was still happy to practice some with focus and getting the right balance of light.

This past week I played around with the shots.  They aren't really anything on their own, but I thought I would practice with some textures.

Then I took it a step further and added some quotations to a couple.  All textures are from Kim Klassen.  She posts a lot of beautiful pictures with quotations and I was trying to imitate her.  I still need some practice with putting all these steps together.

Honestly...there aren't a lot of uplifting "winter" quotes and these aren't the most inspiring, colorful pictures.

Some people don't really like winter, but not me.  It's my favorite season, which is weird because I'm always cold.  But I love snuggling up in warm blankets, with a fireplace on and lots of layers of clothes.  I'm sure there are a couple more little snow flakes to come, but winter will be winding down shortly so it was a fun little field trip.

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