Monday, March 4, 2013

Sunday Afternoon Outside

A week ago Sunday it was gorgeous outside.  It was perfect "play outside weather".  Maddie and Jake asked if they could have the Runchey kids over to play outside and build some forts.

Rob dropped everyone off and I didn't hear from them for a bit.  Then suddenly all the girls were inside and we were hanging up soaking wet clothes.  I wasn't sure what we had for them to do inside, but Maddie had a plan.  She was going to paint the girls' fingernails.

Riley was on board, but Ellie wasn't too excited.  (Surprising since I think she's such a girlie-girl.)  She opted to color.  We printed out about six princess coloring pages and everyone was set.

Riley was pretty intent on the artistry that Maddie was trying to accomplish.  I'm not sure if it worked, but it kept everyone occupied.

Mike had the following conversation with Ellie (and Riley popped in for a say...).  I don't know how it started - but I heard the endings:

Ellie:  ....your wife, Kerry.
Mike:  Pretty Kerry?
Ellie:  You can call her whatever you like.
Riley:  Except Bob.

He just walked away trying to suppress a laugh while I snickered from the next room.

The girls headed back outside, I headed down for a nap.  The girls headed back inside and made cupcakes.

The boys stayed outside most of the afternoon with only a small break from working on Jake's snow fort.

As of right now, the fort is almost completely melted, along with the giant pile of snow on each side of the driveway.  We are supposed to be getting a bit of snow in the next day or so.  We'll see if things can be rebuilt.  If not, maybe the Runchey kids would be interested in coming over to shovel.

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