Thursday, May 30, 2013

Track & Field Day


Last week Jake finally had his Track & Field Day.  It had been canceled two times before this due to rain.  This was, I believe, the only day last week where we actually had sun.  The fields were sopping wet but this school was bound and determined to get in this outside day!

Jake's first even was the 50 yard dash.

He ran hard, but I'm not sure he actually placed.  Of course, everyone's a winner so they get participation bracelets too.

Next up for him was hula hooping.  He's done this every year.

Because all the kids are so good at it, the teacher makes them walk, jump, close their eyes and all sorts of things.

"Stand on one leg" got Jake in the end.  He came in third, I think.

Next up was my favorite: the tug-o-war!

Unfortunately Jake's class lost their first two matches - but it wasn't from lack of effort as you can see.  The ground was so slippery - and this was absolutely the driest area out there!  I thought for sure all these kids were going to be a muddy mess when finished, but they did okay.

His last even was the Vortex Throw.

I'm not even sure how he did here, but I don't think he placed.  At the end he said he was disappointed that he didn't place better in all his events, but he was SO EXCITED about the color of his bracelets that he did get; they were the best colors anyway.

This was our final Track & Field day in the Murphy household.  Honestly - I'm not sad about it.  I don't know why but this one of my least favorite activity days.  I think it's the "field" part - I don't mind cheering on runners or watching the tug-o-war, but that field stuff doesn't do much for me.

It's been a good run for both kids and this was the first of many "last events" as Jake winds up his elementary school years!

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