Thursday, July 11, 2013

On The Lake

My parents have a pontoon on a lake near their house.  They are very gracious to let us use it whenever the mood strikes.

The beginning of spring/summer found a lot of dreary days - too cold for sitting by the pool or too rainy to even want to be outside at all.  In early June we had such a day on a weekend and we were all tired of sitting in the house.  We decided an afternoon on the lake might be fun.

We like to eat a little lunch on the pontoon when we go.  We can generally make ourselves pretty comfortable.

It was a little chillier than any of us expected this particular afternoon - but fish bite when it's colder, right?

Since this was completely last minute, we didn't have actual worms.  This was okay because Maddie refuses to touch them.  Mike has a stockpile of little fake bait we use.  Honestly - I prefer the fake stuff too, but I know it doesn't work nearly as well.

We were out on the lake for awhile when we noticed some lightning in the distance so we headed in.  I was driving and was soooo excited to pull under the canopy on the first try!!!  I don't know that it will ever happen again.

While the rain was coming, it hadn't started yet.  As Mike and I put the pontoon away the kids started fishing off the docks where some other kids were having good luck catching crappies.

Pretty soon everyone was involved in dock fishing.  Maddie and Mike were trying to catch a fish from a little group they could see in the water.  Maddie came SO close a couple times, but each time the fish got away!

Jake was DETERMINED that he was going to catch a fish.  It was him against the onslaught of rain.  Suddenly he started screaming, "I got one!  I GOT one!!!  I GOT ONE!!!!"

I think this photo is a little misleading; this fish looks much larger than in real life.  But, he was one happy guy and loved retelling his tale to anyone who would listen!

Now that we have our licenses, we hope to get out on the docks a little more this summer.  Hopefully Maddie will have a great fishing story to tell soon!

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