Friday, July 19, 2013

Water Ride

Over the week of July 4th, my sister and her kids, us, and my parents headed out on their pontoon for some tubing.

It was a pretty bright day and grandma borrowed her sun visor to a few kids to shield their eyes.  It's a look that fits anyone.

Dad had recently cleaned out the engine or blades of the motor or whatever.  Anyway - the result was a pontoon with a little more pep.

The kids are all pretty good about taking turns and usually who is riding with whom is decided a couple turns in advance.

It was pretty windy this particular day and there were a few other boats out joy-riding.  This resulted in some bigger waves to splash through - always a good time!

Tracy and Mike each took a ride with kids.

Proof that our kids actually like each other...

The others waiting for their turn keep themselves occupied.  There's usually a good number of snacks and music to dance along with...

or games to play.  Ellie and Tracy were playing the game where they try to get to saying the same word at the same time.  Ellie is catching on to the game.  Usually you can count on her saying the word, "pink" at some point.  If you time it right and say it with her, your games goes much faster.

This year Maddie is old enough to drive the pontoon.  She made sure to remind us of this every chance she got.  We told her she didn't get to drive until grandma and grandpa gave her the okay.  Today was the day!

She must have done one was thrown overboard with sharp turns.

It was a very fun and relaxing afternoon!  From what I hear, the docks are inaccessible right now due to the high water from the eight inches we got last week.  Hopefully the water lowers enough soon to head back out!

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