Monday, August 12, 2013

Game Day

A couple Saturdays ago we had such a lovely day.  It started with Mike getting a chance to golf with Rob and my cousin's husband, Daryl.  The boys were back early in the morning, and our guests headed home. We hung out on the deck enjoying the beautiful weather.  Maddie decided we should play a board game.  She tried to get Jake to play too, but he kept resisting.  I finally headed inside and told him we were playing a game.  Period.

We played Tri-Bond, which we've had so long they probably don't even make it anymore.  Boys against girls.  I think both kids were intimidated at first that they wouldn't be able to make any guesses being on the younger side.  In fact, both kids helped both teams answer quite a few correct questions.

I don't think we could have asked for a nicer day to be outside on the deck enjoying every minute.  It was probably one of the most relaxing mornings we've had in a very long time.

I love when the kids take Mike's and my picture together.  They really nailed the focus on the couch behind us.

The boys ended up winning in a come-from-behind defeat.  It was a close game though and one we all enjoyed playing.  Even Mr. Reluctant who had wanted to hole-up in his room all morning.

We ended up heading downtown for lunch at the city's celebration day, then out for yogurt, then hanging by the pool all afternoon.

And don't forget Sadie...she took full advantage of the nice weather and quiet surroundings be getting in a really good nap...

Later, Mike and I tried to figure out what made this particular day so nice.  We decided that it was because we had not only spent the day together, but we did things that were different.  We didn't go crazy trying to pack a ton of things in, but we weren't sitting around either.  It was a truly enjoyable day and one we had all needed!

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