Friday, August 9, 2013

The Great Murphy Dog Cookoff

This summer a great number of hot dogs have been consumed for lunch.  Awhile back the boys asked if I could PLEASE pick up some Nathan's hot dogs because these seem to be the ones that they liked best.  They are also kind of expensive...I mean, it's a hot dog.

Mike decided he really prefers plumper hot dogs and asked me to find one that was really fat - not bun length.  I finally found the Hebrew National brand which was EVEN MORE expensive than Nathan's.  I think I paid $5 for four hot dogs.  Four.  You can't even imagine the amount of eye rolling I did over this.

On the first available afternoon the boys began grilling.

They were very careful to try and add the same amount of ketchup to each hot dog and each man had to drink water between bites to cleanse his palate.

The winner?  As much as Mike was desperate to like Hebrew National better, he agreed with Jake that Nathan's was the winner of this cook-off.

But wait...they weren't satisfied with that.  They were really mad at themselves that they hadn't included Ballpark in that contest so a couple days ago they had another grill session and taste test between Ballpark and Nathan's.  Mike decided he likes Ballpark better on the grill.  Jake preferred Nathan's still.

(Maddie chimed in that she preferred Nathan's as well, in case you were wondering.)

Mike still hasn't found his perfect hot dog though and requested that I find a Ballpark that was the fattest they had.  I did today.  I can't even imagine how thrilled he will be...or how far back in my head my eyes will roll.

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