Thursday, July 17, 2014


Last week was Maddie's 15th birthday! We were up bright and early and headed to Chaska for a little test taking...

It wasn't a long wait and soon enough she was waiting in line her peculiar grin that says, "I'm not trying to smile...but I'm really wanting to have a huge grin." It's perhaps a look only a mother would know.

For her birthday she wanted to drive. So, we headed straight to the nearest parking lot and spent the next four hours driving forward, backward and all around.

My parents stopped by to see her in action and wish her a happy birthday. My mom lent me some safety gear...

Later she went back with Mike to take a turn in his truck. She prefers my car more though.

She's now been driving a full week and is getting much more comfortable. I think there's only been one day she hasn't gotten behind the wheel. This morning we drove to Target. Since we hadn't really practiced parking a lot yet I told her to just park little further out to stay away from cars.

I needed water after the hike back to our car.

So she is off and running driving.

In related news, Mike has grown a few more gray hairs.

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The Pats said...

Another milestone. Congrats to Maddie too. A little exercise is always good.