Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I thought I'd check in with a little update of our work.

First though - it's hard to explain how our kitchen is going to look - or at least how we think it's going to look. I remembered that Mike had drawn up a detailed plan (shocking, I know) using an online tool through the National Kitchen and Bath website. He was actually really impressed with the design program and it helped us visualize everything (and by "us" I mean "me") a little easier. I won't bore you with all the design details, but here's a general idea of how this design is going to look:

We've tweaked a few things including drawers vs. door and a couple of these cabinets (like the fridge one) will be bigger, but he couldn't change that on the program. Still, it's a nice overview of the general direction things are going to be going.

I believe my last pictures were of the area after demolition. By the end of the first week demolition, wiring, and plumbing had been finished to the point they needed to be to sheetrock.

Sheetrocking is where Jake and I jumped back in the action.

It's a very messy job. Especially when Mike is having to work with amateurs.

(Honestly - this picture doesn't even do justice to the absolute mess Jake's hair was. I'm sure the plumbing lines in the shower will have to be unclogged with all the dust that we've washed down them!)

We had to take last week off because we were waiting for the man who is doing the taping/mudding to be available. I think this about killed Mike to have to wait. In the meantime we had our appliances delivered and Mike and I went to pick up the tile.

This is only one load. There was a full trailer and 10 boxes in my car. Each box was 75 lbs. Mike and I were able to get it unloaded fairly quickly though I could barely feel or move my fingers when it was all said and done. Jake tried to help, but I nixed that idea. During this construction process we've been trying to teach him how to lift heavy objects properly so he doesn't hurt himself. I didn't want him to jump in with something over half his body weight. That and the fact that if they were dropped and broken, I'd rather be mad and yelling at myself than him.

Yesterday taping/mudding began and will take the rest of the week. As of last night, this is how things looked:

New Kitchen Area...

Combo Dining/Sitting Area...

We are also at the furniture/lighting fixture looking stage. Mike and I spent all day Saturday shopping at furniture stores. I found a chair I loved on Friday and by Monday we found out we couldn't order the fourth chair we wanted due to manufacturing changes. So, we will start again. Our problem is...we have NO IDEA what our "style" is which makes it hard to narrow things down. We are learning though, I guess.

We have a temporary kitchen in Mike's bar area. While small, I certainly think our situation is better off than a few people we've talked to who have done kitchen renovations. They were washing dishes in the bathtub and eating in their master bedrooms. While we have storage boxes galore in our bedroom, the actual eating takes place at the bar and we have a dishwasher and fridge to hold everything. Mike and Jake have grilled a lot and we've used the crockpot a fair amount. It's all working out though I did break down last night and told Mike I just plain didn't want to eat in this house. Mexican it was.

Hopefully next week we start the tile process and get a little further in our furniture/lighting situation!

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The Pats said...

Remarkable! It's going to feel like a new house again - sort of.