Thursday, July 30, 2009

"Jake...time to take 'em out"

These were Mike's words to Jake this morning as he came in from the deck. They were quickly followed by: "They've pooped on my grill."

Rewind: Lately our backyard airspace has been infested with swallows. Mean birds and there are tons of them swooping around declaring their space to any and all invaders. They line up on our deck in groups of four or five and just sit there daring anything to come into their territory.

About a week ago they were met by Mike who pulled out his only line of defense:

A few days later I heard a smack against the window and saw this stuck there:

This leads me to believe that not only are these birds mean, but kinda dumb. Our windows are not nearly clean enough that this bird should have mistaken it for a clear passage.

But today was the final straw. They pooped on Mike's grill.

As Jake said, "They're going down now."


Sue H said...

Oooh, never mess with a man's grill. I agree with Jake, those birds gotta pay!

Anonymous said...

No doubt Jake the birds should go down.

Rob said...

I have a BB-gun in my closet if you would like to borrow it. I believe it has actually taken out a few barn swallows back in its prime (around 1990). It has also been known to shoot wild cats when they wake up a pregnant wife. Tell Jake to stop over, I can give him a quick lesson in gun safety and send him on his way.


Kerry said...

Rob...Jake would be over in a second if I told him that. And you would probably get named Uncle of the Year for 2009.