Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Hands

Maddie is 10 years old!

She's had quite the week of celebrations. First was the actual day. She couldn't wait to open her presents from Mike and I and one from Jake. Jake gave her High School Musical 2 - she was excited because she was one away from having the WHOLE TRILOGY. Mike's very excited about this as you can imagine.

For our gift to her we got her gold earrings. Gold earrings for her golden birthday. She wasn't too sure about these and when I explained what they signified she gave us this look and said:

"What about a golden retriever????"

Moving on.

As per last year's request we visited Petland. I told Mike about our destination for leaving and his comments were:

1. "Glad it's you and not me"
2. "Do NOT come home with a dog"

This is not one of my favorite stores, but it wasn't really my day. On my day I'll think about dragging them all to Archiver's. Anyway - no shortage of puppies to hold - I think they held three or four. I'm not even going to try naming them all. Samantha and Amanda were with and all four kids were having a ball getting to hold the puppies and spend a little time playing.

We left. Jake started crying because we weren't taking home a puppy. In Jake's World (a legitimate place in this house) he heard me say we were taking one home. Even Amanda chimed in and said, "No Jake, she said you wereN'T taking home a dog." Aaahhh...gotta love witnesses.

We ended the evening at Dairy Queen where we all dined on a sundae outside. I'd even thought to bring candles AND matches so that we could sing to her and embarrass her. However, living in Shakopee leaves us no shortage of wind ever. After three unsuccessful attempts at keeping a match lit long enough to light one candle we just sang to her and she pretended to blow out the candle. It was enough just to get to embarrass her.

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Aunt Missy said...

Way to go...... Nice dogs to hold. Have a great year being 10.