Monday, July 20, 2009

Test Results

Mike has allergies. We've known this for awhile and for many years I have begged him to see an allergist. Not to confirm what we already know, but so that they could possibly give him very powerful drugs to help alleviate frustration levels his misery when these allergies act up. If/when his allergies hit just right he can be knocked out for days. I mean this literally and figuratively. The Benadryl literally knocks him out. When he isn't actually sleeping he's a zombie and is usually just on the couch staring at whatever happens to be in front of him. At night the allergies result in one of us ending up on the couch because either he can't sleep from breathing problems or I can't sleep from his snoring that I can't stop because Benadryl has knocked him unconscious and unresponsive to my repeated kicks.

Well, today was the day! He visited the allergist where they loaded his back up with several shots or whatever they do. The results were mostly as we expected with a couple surprises:

1. They couldn't test him for Penicillin; they didn't have that test. They are hoping to get it next year. I thought that was odd. Wouldn't this be a fairly common thing to be tested for? What kind of allergist doesn't have one of these tests sitting around?
2. Mike is allergic to cockroaches.

That's right. Cockroaches. Why did they test him for cockroaches, I asked? It isn't as if we have them crawling all over our home. Trust me, if we did Mike's allergies would not be the problem forefront in my mind.

So, we don't know why they tested him for that. But thank goodness they did. Now I won't have to feel so guilty next time I see one in the garage and stomp it's lights out. I'll be saving my husband's life.


The Pats said...

It must be a common allergy test (for cockroaches, that is) as I also tested positive for them when I had allergy tests. Not sure if you need to know where you come in contact with them to get an allergy.

Missy said...

Way to go........Don't go to a bug convention. See ya.