Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

We've been in the throws of baseball season since mid-May.  This year Jake is playing in a league through the baseball association and Mike decided to help coach his team.  Both received a nifty hat and t-shirt for the games.

I honestly enjoy going to these games.  It's fun to see how the kids progress through the couple months they play.

I don't know that Maddie loves these games.  I don't think she hates them - she usually has a book in tow.  Tonight she alternated between being wrapped in a blanket reading and playing on the playground.

I think Mike is having fun coaching too.  It's something he's never done.  But he's been able to make some excel spreadsheets to keep the players organized; he's probably secretly thrilled about that.

We have until mid-July to attend these games so we'll keep our fingers crossed that Monday and Wednesday nights are cool and clear.

I'll also keep my fingers crossed that "Wally the Beerman" shows up.

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Dan said...

Hey Jake I like the new clothes and shoes. You look real sharp.