Monday, June 21, 2010

Road Trip - Father's Day Style

We didn't have much planned for Father's Day.  Despite my asking and tossing out a million suggestions to Mike, he didn't seem interested.  Sunday morning the kids and I headed to the Donut Connection and Caribou for a wonderful treat for all of us.

Let me just say, the night before the kids had asked Mike what he wanted for breakfast.  He requested donuts and said, "IF I got donuts, I would want an old fashioned glazed.  IF we got two donuts, I would also like a double-chocolate.  And IF we got three donuts, I'd like another double chocolate."  Jake leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "Dad doesn't know it, but now we know exactly what to get him!"  Whew.  That mystery was over.

So, after our completely enjoyable breakfast we were sitting outside in the backyard.  I started tossing out more ideas after Mike said, "I just don't know what we should do."  I suggested a drive which he thought sounded great.  So, we loaded up the kids (who had grabbed a book as they know this involves hours in a car).  I drove down 212, Mike navigated and we ended up here:

I don't know if you can see that sign - it says "South Dakota".  The kids were wearing flip flops and refused to walk in the tall grass not knowing what creatures lurked there.  But they did think it was pretty awesome that we had gotten to a new state none of us had been in.

We stopped in Watertown, SD where we found the older part of town and ate at Dempsey's.  This was such a great choice!  Good food and a really fun atmosphere.  (And as Maddie said, "Of course we end up in an Irish Pub."  'Tis true...Mike and I gravitate towards finding these.)  It's a brewery too and Mike was able to chat with the owner/brew master.  We all drank root beer that was brewed right there and it was absolutely delicious.  We are hoping Mike tries a batch of root beer sometime soon!

We got home at around 6pm and Mike grilled some steaks.  He said it turned out to be a really great day which I was very glad to hear because for all he does for our kids (and me!) he definitely deserves it!

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