Thursday, June 10, 2010

Well Deserved

It's official....

After 12 years, 6 months, and 24 days at Cargill....

After working since the age of 14...


Today was her last day in the working world and her department held a little "Bon Voyage" party for her.

The entire family was able to be there for her big send-off.  This included all the grandkids which she was extremely proud to show off. 

Oh yeah...and she introduced her actual children as well, though we hardly got the fanfare we deserved.

But I guess today wasn't about us.

Today was about celebrating the next adventure for someone who has worked incredibly hard since she was a teenager.  Who, I believe, graduated from high school and was working the next day full time to pay for everything she needed.  We celebrated someone who has given her all every single day she's worked and expects no less from everyone else. 

Her co-workers had incredibly nice things to say about my mom.  But I wasn't surprised.

Mom, who normally hates to speak in public, said a few nice words too.  My favorite were her parting words, "I'm going to miss you all.  But not too much."

Then it was really about the cake.  Or in the grandkids case...the cupcakes that held a sign stating they were reserved for the grandkids.

Obviously there was a grandma somewhere who put this party together...

But in all seriousness - I'm incredibly proud of my mom.  I'm incredibly proud of my dad and I'm thrilled for both of them as they step into full-time retirement.  I don't think there are two people who deserve it more.  I can't think of a single time growing up where both of them didn't have at least two jobs because there were lessons to pay for or things we needed - and occasionally wanted.  I would be hard pressed to name two people that have a better work ethic and who taught their kids what an honest day's work is. 

I can't say I've always been the best example, but I have the best example.

So, congrats mom!  This is a well-deserved moment in your life!  I'm pretty sure I can speak for all three of your actual children when I say that we are all incredibly proud of you!

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Very nicely said and great photos too.