Thursday, August 26, 2010

Batter Up!

We've had such a busy week and since I'm technically on vacation and since we are still so busy and since I don't want to spend too much time on the computer during the last few days of summer vacation, I'm going to post this week in short spurts.

First up:  Saturday night.  We had our 3rd annual neighborhood golf party.  This year we had five couples on our team and we decided on the theme "Twins Territory".  We recreated the new Twins Stadium.

Upon entering the stadium you passed some Twins History pictorial style.  My friend was in charge of hanging these.  She's from Missouri and her husband is a giant Cardinals fan.  You'll notice the red arrow pointing to the "1987 World Series Champs" logo that she hid behind our garbage cans.  She thought her husband would be proud since we wholloped them in '87.

Our main entrance.  I had nothing to do with this sign, but I loved how it looked and the fact that Mike and Gary were able to get it to hang over the entrance.

Let's get to the main stuff: food.  We had your standard ballpark fair: Cracker Jacks, hot dogs with fixings, nachos and cheese, cotton candy, peanuts.  All good munchies to go with the beer, pop and water!

Everything had a "Vendor's Button" to tell the prices.  I think we were fairly accurate.  At least that's how you feel at a real game...

Surprisingly there was very few actual "Twins" decorations any of us owned.  One couple had these three pennants that we hung over the food court.

The back fence was our dugout.  Gardy looked out over everyone and near the end was Joe Mauer.

We even had the Budweiser Deck on standby in case anyone wanted an aerial view of the game and managed to have "Minnie and Paul" on hand to shake if anyone got a homerun.  Unfortunately I forgot to take a picture after dark of the lights around the ballplayers and the lights off the deck.  Very festive.  And a pain in the butt if you ask Mike...we discovered early that we need a bunch of new Christmas string lights this coming holiday season.

We had each area of the homerun fence marked off so everyone would know their hitting range.  Accurate to a foot, of course.

Admittedly, our "hole" had little to do with golf.  Our neighbors had this contraption that popped a ball in the air and each player had three chances to score as many points as possible.  The only thing relating to golf was the chance to hit the ball into one of the innertubes serving as bases tied in the pool. 

Instructions were posted nearby.

There was an official scoreboard and each round won a prize package (containing "Big League Chew" gum) with the official "2010 Golf World Series Champion" logo that was sort-of hacked off the internet.  Mike wondered if he should look into a lawyer for copyright infringement. 

We had such a fun time planning this with everyone!  Next up will be the other golf rounds the neighbors came up with. 

But first, off to more of our vacation time!

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