Sunday, August 29, 2010

Neighbor's Putts

To continue our tale of our neighborhood golf night...

There were four separate holes, including ours.  We meet up with different couples at each "course". 

Our first hole was titled, "Repeat Offenders".  They took the games they've played the past two years and set them both up.  They also added a third game which I thought was actually pretty fun.  It involved throwing a frisbee through two poles that were very close together (as in - closer than the width of a frisbee).  On top of each pole was a plastic cup.  The object was to get the frisbee through the poles for a certain set of points.  If you knocked the cups off, more points for you.

We all thought this would be impossible, but yours truly proved it wrong.  The frisbee went right through the poles and knocked off a cup.  The one hole that didn't have prizes!!!

Some holes dressed up as a group.  Our group dressed in Twins gear or Twins colors.  One hole dressed in matching t-shirts.  Actually the girls on that team were all dressed exactly as above.

Our next hole was insane!  The details were tops! 

First we entered the front yard to the title...

Then another sign directed us to the backyard...beware!

This was their course...

They had actually mowed and spray-painted their grass.  They had also mowed out special starting spots for men, women, and pros.  Each color was a separate point value with the little red spots worth the most.  We are all curious how long this will take to grow out.

They also had quite the food setup -

Yes - that's a chocolate fountain in the middle.  Lots of fruit to dip in there.  Luckily they also had some pretzels so I got to enjoy it as well.

And they had this machine...

This machine came into play last year and there were more than a few of us hoping it would make a reappearance this year.  It was filled with pina coladas on one side and margaritas on the other. 

I believe most of us hit the food and drinks before actually playing the golf game.

And the details - there were these tiny hula girls made by the hosts. 

They were table confetti.  Confetti.  Tiny...

Sonny said she had a hard time after glueing these together because she realized the backs of the girls were naked. 

The next round was titled "What Happens in Shakopee Stays in Shakopee".  This is the team that had matching t-shirts made with a roulette wheel on the front and the title on the back.  Very cute shirts, actually!

You had so many chances to chip your golf ball into this large rotating roulette wheel!  Each section was numbered and even carpeted!

This continually spun around on wheels found at a flea market using a chicken rotisserie.  Very clever!

Afterward everyone ended up here swimming and hanging out until about 1:30am.  There was a repeat appearance of the speedo-clad neighbor.  This year he showed up wearing a t-shirt that just barely covered the speedo and Mike found that almost more frightening than just the speedo.

A very fun night that we look forward to every year!  Now we have to start brainstorming ideas for next year's game!

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