Monday, August 15, 2011

Future After-School Snack

We have a favorite Mexican restaurant here in town.  The kids get sopapillas after their dinner.  These are muy delicioso!  (The people that work at this restaurant are also trying to teach us Spanish.) 

After our last visit Maddie swore she had a way to make these at home with 'Nilla Wafers.  I told her that was impossible, they wouldn't taste good - she needed to bake some tortillas to get them right.

Today she was not be deterred and set out to prove me wrong.

Mission: Accomplished.

Lay out some wafers, drizzle on some chocolate sauce, drizzle on some honey, add just a few sprinkles of brown sugar.  DELISH!!

What I think really made these great?  Our 'Nilla Wafers were a bit stale.  Or more likely...humidity had gotten to them so they were on the softer side.  (I can also tell you that this is how I prefer the graham crackers for my s'mores so take it for what you will....)

Jake came up to taste the concoction and said, "You know, Maddie? These taste like those sopapillas!"  She was beaming - the ultimate compliment!

After my bite I said, "Maddie, someday you are going to be quite the baker."  She replied, "Mom...I already am."

I think she definitely has the confidence needed to work in that biz!

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Sheri said...

Now I am super hungry for something sweet!! Yum! What is the name of the Mexican restaurant you go to? We miss having a yummy Mexican restaurant around.