Thursday, August 18, 2011

What Great Neighbors!

A couple weeks ago Mike and the kids were in Iowa.  I had one of the busiest weeks of the summer, so I came home without them. 

I’m not great at cooking dinner when there are four of us.  Turns out I’m less great when there’s only one of us.  My dinners consisted of popcorn, frozen meals, and cereal.

EXCEPT the night my neighbors across the street called and asked if I had dinner plans.  Now, I had just finished mowing the grass and it was ridiculously hot out.  I was so dirty and so sweaty that I wasn’t sure what to say except that I did plan to try stir-fry that night. 

Kristy said they made a dish and were wondering if I wanted any.  She told me I was welcome to come and eat with them, but to be prepared for a small table and not-so-happy kids.  I told her dinner sounded wonderful and I was completely gross, so I had no problem eating at my house.

And this is what she came across with…


Apple-smoked Turkey Tenderloin, the best potatoes I have had in a LONG time (great job, Matt!) and green beans.  And then she sounded apologetic when she said, “The green beans are from a can…”  Like I was going to throw it out. 

Hardly, this dinner was scrum-dilly-icious! 

We live in a great neighborhood for which I’m very thankful.  But right across the street we have the cream of the crop!  Thanks, guys!


Sheri said...

That's so awesome!! It reminds me of the good old Virginia Circle days. There was one family in particular who would even run down the road in their underwear in the middle of the night if we needed them!! :D They were the best!!

Sheri said...

Cool water mark too!!

Kristy said...

Awww...glad you liked it! We feel pretty lucky too!