Monday, September 5, 2011

Scarred for Life

A couple weeks ago Jake took on mowing the front yard by himself for the first time.


He called me out to help him empty the bag.  When I got outside my neighbor yelled down to me:

“Hey…MURPHY!”…followed by a little wave…


What?  You don’t see my neighbor?  Let me help you.


I yelled, “My eyes!  My eyes!” and helped Jake empty the lawn bag.

Jake was not deterred.  We don’t have a self-propelled lawnmower.  He needed all his concentration.


Our neighbor – concentrating on his yard:


Jake: pure effort…


Our neighbor…not so pure:


Just so you know, I covered his eyes to protect the innocent.  That would be his wife.

(There was a reason…stay tuned for that in the next post!)

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Sheri said...

OH MY GOD!!! Seriously can't wait to see what this one's all about. lol!!