Tuesday, September 13, 2011

So Many Uses!

Awhile ago Jake bought my iPod.  This left me with getting a new one.  I love it because it holds so much more “stuff”.  But, I was really excited that it had a camera!

I tried it out the first day and got a fairly decent pic…

icamera 02

I also envisioned using it to take pictures in a store when I come across something to add to my birthday list. 

Dear Family: This is cute.  Find at Target.

icamera 01

My sister had already gotten the new iPod and had introduced me to this app called “CamWow”.  It’s totally stupid and provides me with tons of giggles.

icamera 03

I have been known to email these random pictures to her and Mike.  She giggles.  He doesn’t find them the least bit funny.

icamera 04

People with big brains have no sense of humor.

Lately I’ve noticed that little grubby hands are getting a hold of this iPod thing too.

icamera 05

icamera 07

And they take pictures of things that frighten me.  Some days it’s all I can take to have one dog, let alone two…

icamera 06

Scratch that – this is more frightening…

icamera 08

(Useless Trivia: I use to think having twins would be awesome.  So naive.)

But I have to say, when I roll through the images…still, I giggle!

icamera 09

Tonight we had a little pre-sleep fun.  This was our favorite shot. 

icamera 10

I’ll probably have it framed and give it to Mike for Christmas.  I can’t imagine what else he’d rather have.

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Carol said...

That just made me giggle, what fun.