Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dad's Day/Project Day

On Sunday morning we made a batch of "Eggs-in-a-Frame" (bread with a hole in the middle for an over-easy egg) for Mike.  Except he hates eggs-over-easy, and only likes these with scrambled eggs in the middle.  That is really hard to make but somehow what we made him managed to be edible and over breakfast between mouthfuls we badgered him for what he wanted to do that day.

Between mouthfuls he said, "I would like today to be Project Day.  I want you guys to learn how to do things because as a dad, I'm supposed to teach you things."

Yikes.  Nothing like going deep one hour into the day!

So, we all donned our work gear and tackled the first project: laying two pieces of tile for the bar area.

He had the kids cut the tile.  Then he had them mix up the cement.  Then we headed downstairs where they each got to lay one of the tiles.

I stood back and offered moral support during this time.  There's only so many people that can fit around a 12x12 inch tile.

Next, each kid was hammering a small corner piece to the new end of the bar.  Mike's thumb was only hit two or three times while holding those nails.

After that, we split into two groups.  Jake helped Mike build a small wall to extend the bar area slightly to support the coming granite.  Maddie and I worked on mudding the previous extended bar area.  Then the kids switched and they each did the other job for a bit.

We had lunch at Taco Bell which Mike was THRILLED with.  (Apparently it was a favorite of many dads...the place was packed.)  Afterward Mike took some time to work on some hobbies and the kids got a break from duties.

Despite all the work, he said he had a nice day.  Hopefully that's true because he's a dad that definitely deserves it!

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