Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sweet Sixteen!

Last Friday was our 16th Annivesary!

The Wednesday before that I thought "maybe my parents would be willing/available to take our kids overnight."  I emailed them and they kindly agreed.  Then I thought..."now what?"

I started looking up some hotels for us in downtown Minneapolis.  I decided on the Foshay Tower since neither of had been there and I just wanted something other than Marriott and Radisson.  (Both fine establishments...just looking to branch out a little.)

By Thursday morning I was wondering what the heck we were going to do for fun.  This planning thing was getting stressful.

Thursday afternoon Mike came upstairs slightly disappointed.  After lunch he was heading back to jury duty and in his spare time had been trying to think of some way for us to celebrate.  He thought Stillwater sounded interesting, but we weren't sure we could depend on him getting out of court at a specific time and it's a long drive.  I told him not to worry and I'd come up with something.

Can you imagine if he'd made reservations in Stillwater and I had non-refundable reservations in Minneapolis?

Friday morning I realized I still needed dinner reservations and after much deliberation and anxiety made reservations at The Capital Grille for 7:45pm...the last available "normal" time.  It was either that or 2:30pm.

Friday evening I dropped off the kids (and dog!) and Mike arrived home from jury duty with this...

I presented him with our itinerary and we arrived downtown around 5:30.  We decided to get ready for the night and head out for drinks.

The Foshay is not anything like I imagined.  VERY modern design.  It was recently renovated and I couldn't help but think the original designer was turning over in his grave.  It was super dark everywhere, except our room.  Our shower did have an awesome pink light in it though.

We headed upstairs to the Prohibition Lounge which was the floor the original owner was going to live on, but because of the Great Depression he never got a chance.  This floor was beautiful and totally what I had expected in design.  We just made happy hour and we were the dorks taking pictures of each other.

We walked about four blocks to the restaurant and decided we were definitely not taking that route back late at night; a little on the shady side.

Inside the restaurant everyone greeted us with "Happy Anniversary" and our table had rose petals and a card signed by all the waitstaff.

Then we kind of threw caution to the wind and ordered whatever we felt like.  Oh. My. Lord.  Everything was amazing.  We started with smoked salmon as an appetizer.  I'd never had it and was quite leery about cold fish...delish!!!  Bread, soup...check, check!  Awesome!  We really lucked out in the waiter we had.  We think he was an amateur sommelier and had so many suggestions and explanations of all the red wines.  I'm still trying to figure out a red wine that I like and I think we found a winner through him!  Tony (the waiter) even brought out different wines just for us to taste because he was so excited that we were seriously trying to learn new things.

Dinner was...well, The Capital Grille is by far my new favorite restaurant.  Forward to dessert and I was trying to decide between the Flourless Chocolate Cake and the Cheesecake.  Tony brought out both for us. Holy Cow.  We both LOVED the cheesecake.  I believe Mike's exact words were, "Whatever they did to the top of that need to figure it out!"  They had finished the top like creme brulee...creamy cheesecake underneath.  This may be my last request before I die.

After the meal, Tony took our picture and printed it out before we left.

We headed back to the hotel's lounge where there was a DJ.  Unbeknownst to us, it was Gay Pride Weekend.  Our hotel was filled with celebratants (celebraters?) and the people watching was fabulous!  We were having a good laugh over all the girls fawning over the group of guys in front of us and then watching their faces as they realized that these guys were probably not their type.

Saturday was spent on 50th and France walking around.  My parents ended up calling and reserving our kids and dog an extra night and Mike grilled salmon for the first time.  Look out Capital Grille!

It was such an awesome weekend and a huge needed "getaway" for both Mike and I!  Thanks mom and dad for stepping in and making it possible!


Sue H said...

Wow! Everything sounds awesome, and great pictures too.

Linda said...

Sounds like a good time!! Happy Belated Anniversary.

Sheri said...

Congratulations, and Happy Anniversary you two! It sounds like you had an amazing time, and for the sake of keeping your blog rating at a PG level, you should probably keep the rest of the details about the pink light in the shower "quiet". T-hee. My love to you both!

Sheri said...

Hi Kerry,
Since I have so much fun reading your blog and looking at your photos, I have decided to nominate you for The "One Lovely Blog Award". It's a little bit of work, and if you decide that you don't want the exposure, I completely understand. Otherwise, you totally deserve it! Go to my blog for details and to grab the button. :)