Monday, June 11, 2012

So Alike, Yet So Different

Mike and I are ridiculously anal on some things.  As in, my closest friend makes constant fun of me and our Excel spreadsheet.  Sometimes the truth hurts.  We love Excel spreadsheets.  We are constantly making them for different lists.

We have made lists for:
*House To-Do Projects including estimated timing to complete, whether it's a do-it-yourself or hire out job, and estimated time as to when to start.  We have also put these in order of importance and ranked them within that order.
*Names for our future dog.  This included Names, how many votes each name received, and what ranking it had between the four of us.
*Disney Trip.  Yikes - this involved multiple pages within one book.  We had a "schedule" (color coded) by day for the actual trip.  We had multiple spreadsheets to help us plan said schedule including separate pages on restaurants, their ratings and our ranking of which ones we wanted to sign up for first if it became an issue of priority.

To say we have a  We'd both completely agree we love a good spreadsheet.

But.  Some of us are a little more dedicated than others.  Tonight we decided to make a spreadsheet of chores for the kids including what we are willing to pay them.

Mine started out like this:

By the time he was finished, Mike had it looking like this:

You know what is even more sad?  I love when Mike whips up a spreadsheet.  Everything is so pretty and organized when he's finished.

Hopefully it helps the chore thing and compensation thing move along better.


grandpa said...

Jake is getting $20 to sweep the main floor? I'll bet he is in favor of that.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your blog while looking for a chore chart for my kids. I think your spreadsheet is exactly what I had envisioned for my family, would you be willing to share it by posting a link? Thanks so much!

Hal from California

Kerry said...

Hal - Unfortunately I wouldn't even know how to post a link to begin with. However, I can probably arrange to email you a blank copy if you would like.

Zac Carver said...

Oh Please email me a copy to..

I was looking to make something just like that, the added income dismemberment made me smile.
Thanks, awesome spreedsheet.

Anonymous said...

that is a nice chart, would you mind sharing it with me, you might save 4 fighting kids.

Heather R said...

May I please get a copy of the spreadsheet he created? I have been looking everywhere and just don't have enough excel knowledge to recreate it.

Holly said...

Hello! Would you please email me the spread sheet?! It's amazing and it would help my family out so much :) Thank you!!!

Dawn Calgaro said...

Would you be willing to send me a blank copy? This is exactly what I'm looking for. My 3 kids need something to keep them on track. :)