Monday, September 17, 2012

Dancing Around the Issue

Tonight Jake was practicing his piano.  Typically this involves a definite "bathroom break" and several small pauses he thinks we don't hear.

I rounded a corner and ran into Mike who took my hand and started dancing me around our living room to the few little beats Jake was playing...until Jake stopped.  Mike stopped dancing - In fact, Mike froze in place.  After 10 seconds he said, "Jake!  We can't keep dancing if you don't keep playing!"

Jake just looked at him.  In the middle of the song he had had a sudden "need" to stop and clean his glasses.

"Jake!  Start playing - we can't dance yet!"

Jake replied: "You guys are going to be so embarrassing to me someday."

Mike replied:  "You have no idea, man.  No. Idea."

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Sheri said...

ADORABLE!!! And oh so true. :)