Friday, September 28, 2012


Maddie came down yesterday morning and Mike looked at her and exclaimed, "What happened now?!?"

It's probably the most excited I've ever heard his voice.  I turned and looked at him, confused.  Maddie was confused too...then burst out laughing.

It was "Fake a Bruise" dress-up day at school.

Mike had no idea about this day.  Maddie and I had been discussing her options the night before.  I had suggested she give herself a black eye.  Obviously that fell on deaf ears.

I find two things disturbing about all of this:

1.  Believe it or not, one of Maddie's absolute favorite things to do when killing time is to use her makeup to either give herself or Jake cuts, scrapes and bruises of all magnitudes.  They both think this is great fun.
2.  For homecoming week her school is celebrating by having a "Fake-a-bruise" day.  Wha??  That doesn't sound happy and homecoming-ish at all.

She said a few of her friends wondered if it was real.  She walked into one class and the teacher very calmly said, "Nice bruise."  She had a volleyball game that afternoon; I wonder if the other team thought "easy target".

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Tracy said...

That is disturbingly awesome! I'm super impressed!