Wednesday, July 10, 2013


Today Maddie is 14.  Whoa.

(Our parlor trick when she was a baby - she could wink on cue.)

This means:

1.  She is technically a freshman in school this next year (she won't attend the high school until next's like they've given us an easier transition!)
2.  She is one year away from getting her driving permit.
3.  She is two years away from driving on her own.
4.  We are four years away from not being with her full time once college starts.

That last one hits a little closer to home each day.

(One of my favorite pictures - sod laying day here.)

I think through the years she's had some of those "oldest child qualities":  she a little more quiet when you first meet her, she's extremely studious, she's a bit of a "do-gooder".  All good things in their own right.  But she's taken each of those qualities and learned how to relax when she can and loosen up for more fun, while still being responsible.  She's learning this much faster than I ever did.

(Omigosh.  I LOVE looking at them as kiddies...chubby and cute as a button!)

Every once in awhile I look at her and just realize - Yikes!  We are running out of time as a family of four together every day - as in, to the point that it takes my breath away.

I've loved watching her the last couple years grow into more adult things.  She loves to sit and play the piano when she's bored.  She loves to bake and try to new recipes - she's past needing my help anymore (and we all reap the rewards of her hard work!)

 And watching her grow through those awkward early teenage years?  Well...she's done it far more gracefully - and a heck of a lot cuter - then I ever did!

 Today she's off celebrating with her good friend.  We'll hardly spend the day with her, but it's what she wanted to do and was so excited planning her day yesterday.  It's kind of weird - this letting go stage.

 Tonight we get to celebrate dinner with her and Saturday grandma and grandpa are coming over for a little celebration and her favorite food - Shrimp Alfredo followed by Dairy Queen Cake.  That dinner alone sounds like a good mix of adult and kid goodness.  We still get the best of  both sides of these transition years!

Happy Birthday to our Miss Maddie!!!  We are so proud of the lady you are becoming and wish only the best for the year ahead and all it holds!


Linda Rasmussen said...

Happy Birthday, Maddie!!! Hope you're having a great day!

The Pats said...

Happy belated birthday, Maddie! I remember some of those earlier pictures too - too cute!